User's Guide

Information about international shipping. Please read before placing an order.

Precautions when placing an order

〇Payment method

・Credit card

After ordering, we will add shipping costs and packing charge and settle the payment. Please do not use a debit card with immediate withdrawal as the amount cannot be changed.

・Bank transfer

We will inform you of the total amount and the destination bank information after the shipping costs is confirmed. Please note that the customer is responsible for the bank handling fee when making a deposit.

〇How to input the delivery address

  • Please enter the delivery address in alphabet.
  • Please enter the zip-code in the corresponding box. If your zip-code format is not accepted by the system, enter 000-0000 in the zip code box and the zip code in the address or comment box.
  • In the event, the address is too long, please add this full address in the comment section.

About additional costs

When placing an order for a delivery outside Japan, other costs will be added after order placement.

〇Shipping costs

International shipping costs about¥10,000 or more. Final price will depend of the destination country, the size and weight of the parcel.

〇Packing charge(¥1,000)

We place a great importance on packing carefully to avoid breakage during international shipment and use more packing material.

These costs don’t include any inbound duties and taxes you may be liable to pay upon delivery.

〇About breakage

We are unable to have our parcels handled as “fragile products” when shipping overseas. We pack rigorously our products to avoid any breakage but a there is always a risk when sending fragile items such as ceramic products.

Please make sure to keep outer and inner boxes until you’ve unpacked and check all the products. Should products be damaged, please send us an email with enclosed pictures of outer boxes, inner boxes and products.

Damaged products send via EMS or FedEx will be replaced or refunded. If you have used a freight forwarder from Japan, please contact the freight forwarding company.