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Kurinoki serving spoon

studio m'

  • ¥1,980 (Including tax)

Product Information


φ:直径 / W:幅 / D:奥行 / H:高さ / L:長さ

( )の数字は有効寸法です。







Materials (Number)
  • Wood

made in CHINA


Four new items [Hime (small) spoon, Hime (small) fork, Server spoon and Spatula] have just been added to our long seller, "Kurinoki" cutlery and kitchen tool items. "Kurinoki" in Japanese means chestnut wood. Chestnut wood is of high durability and water-resistant, and since early times in Japan, it has been used in various situations such as laying house foundations and railroad ties. Its wood grains are clear overall and give a rustic feeling. Server spoon is very useful for scooping side dishes such as macaroni salad and simmered food. Its deep head enables you to scoop out even soupy food very well.