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Numbers no.12 peeler

  • ¥1,485 (Including tax)

Product Information

  • 149 mm
  • Not Oven Safe
  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Not Open Fire
Materials (Number)

Ceramics are handled differently depending on the material. MARUMITSU POTTERY attaches a material number sticker to ceramic products. Please note the material number when handling the product in order to ensure long use.


・Some items may develop crazing over time.
・Oil stains and colors from food may remain on items with matte textures or crackle effect.
・Some stoneware items may already have developed crazing at the time of purchase.


Why don’t you use one of your favorite kitchen tools when you cook? Here is our “Numbers” kitchen tool series for you. No.12 Peeler consists of a stainless steel head and a porcelain handle, which is very easy to grip. The letters on the handle may slip out of the standard position or be scraped due to the method of copper plate transfers. As a result, those letters give sort of a rustic feeling. For your information, it says "500G POTATOES, PEELED SALT AND FRESHLY BLACK PEPPER". The stainless steel head meets the porcelain handle in a very adorable way, don't you think? The smaller head is functional: it easily makes tight turns while you are peeling vegetables, even rough ones such as potatoes.