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sachsenblue check kitchen cloth

  • ¥3,190 (Including tax)
Low stock

Product Information

  • 500 mm
  • W600 mm
Materials (Number)


"Our ""Sachsenblue check"" linen items feature a smoky blue-based checked pattern, which looks less cute and more subdued. We meant to give an impression of plaid with vintage vibes recalling linen items that are well used in farmhouses or country kitchens. Thickness of fabric is normal, and as a result, it is versatile, available in the kitchen and as bib or waist aprons. STUDIO M' Linen fabrics have been made with the long-fibered linen yarn whose country of origin is mainly France. Selected fibers are made to turn into the high-quality yarn, which is woven into smooth and durable fabrics in Japan. STUDIO M' linen products feature its original checked, striped or the other designs, and the texture and your attachment will be changed for the better through your everyday life. Furthermore, comfortable use lasts. ▶︎About STUDIO M' Linen"