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Mint mug with lid

  • ¥1,800
light gray

Product Information

  • W125 mm
  • D94 mm
  • H101 mm
  • 330cc
Materials (Number)

made in JAPAN


"Mint" [9 round mug with lid] was meant to give an impression of mint leaves nodding in the spring breeze, giving off a sweet and refreshing aroma under the sun. It holds as much as 330cc. The lid keeps your drink hot and warm for a longer while. Look at the decorative mint leaves stretching from the base to the center of the lid, and you will feel such a deep and three-dimensional impression! On top of that, the lid has a knob formed like charming two leaves. You could use this lidded mug along with the plates in the same series or individually use it while working from home or in the office to enjoy hot drinks such as tea including mint tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. [A shade of color of the lid is different from that of the mug because the types of forming and clay are unlike.]

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